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Now you can easily master this online Affiliate Marketing Secret and start making money online with it.
Its practiced by several internet “Gurus”. But almost non of the “Newbies” know how to go about it. Until Now…..

I work every day when ever I like as an affiliate marketer…………. and I make thousands of Naira doing this

Dear Internet Marketer (or aspiring Affiliate Marketer).

Do you know how John Chow – A successful internet marketer made $757,232 (over Two hundred million Naira) from just one business model in 2018?

Do you know how most successful internet Marketers in Nigeria and in the world make money online? Internet Marketers like; Linda Ikeji, Seun Osewa, Akin Alabi, Uche Pedro, Onome Maureen and the rest. What is the source of income that has made most of them so famous?

The Simple Answer is “Affiliate Marketing”.

People make money online every day and this isn’t News any more neither is it a deception. In this post I want to share with you all you need to know about Affiliate Marketing and I would also teach you how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

First of all, what is Affiliate Marketing?

“Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting products and services online (it can be done offline too) in return for a certain percentage (amount of money) as commission for each sale from the Merchant or the owner of the service or product you are promoting.”

Affiliate Marketing is a program built for people who intend to make money right from their comfort zones. You don’t need to spend the whole day looking for who to buy or purchase a specific product you’re promoting before you start making money online. just promoting links on your various social media accounts is enough to earn you money.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the biggest online businesses in Nigeria and there is no doubt about the power it holds. It’s possible to make it big in this business through different paying Affiliate Marketing programs available in Nigeria and meant for Nigerians.

All I am trying to let you know here is that Affiliate Marketing is very easy to carry out.

So now, I know your next question is something like; “How does Affiliate Marketing work? Or how do I go about it?”

Affiliate Marketing is very simple:
For example, Mr. A owns a product, Mr. B sells/promotes the product for Mr. A, Mr. C comes in contact with Mr. A and buys the product because Mr. B promoted the product for Mr. A, Mr. A then pays Mr. B a certain amount of commission/percentage from just that promotion/sale (Money).

Below is another “very simple to understand” illustration of Affiliate Marketing;

  • Join Affiliate Program
  • Find Products to promote
  • Promote Products. (Note: you get paid for promoting alone)
  • Track sales
  • Earn Commissions

Why I recommend Affiliate Marketing to you is because your income from this business would be higher as an Affiliate Marketer, because you would be promoting to a very large audience using your various social media handles and I would teach you how to do so effectively.

Now lets do some mathematics

Imagine you are promoting a product and your commission from just that product is N2,500, then 200 persons visits the company through your affiliate link and buy the product. you would be making;
N2,500 x 200 = N500,000. Now isn’t that just Awesome?
Another good thing here is that you can do this work on your social media accounts by just posting

Now I do recommend this to you whether you have a job or you are at home without a job or you are a student, or you are a house wife, or single Mom or just any individual looking for an alternative source of income;

Simply because it offers attractive advantages like:

  • You can start making money this month. This is not Google AdSense where you have to wait for several months to make money. its also not like or Wakanda nation where you would have to pay some money to start and at the end of the day you would not be able to withdraw your earnings conveniently. With affiliate marketing you can start making money this month once you have the proven techniques that work and you use them religiously. I would give you this techniques.
  • There is no limit to how much you can earn. As an Affiliate Marketer, your monthly earning is not stagnant like the 8am to 5am jobs where the salary is fixed. In Affiliate Marketing, This month you can earn N120,000 and the next month you earn up to N200,000. It can keep increasing depending on your effort. You can join as many Affiliate programs as you wish in order to increase your earnings.
  • You don’t need a certificate to start. No one will ever ask for your qualification in this business. As long as you can read and write in English and you know what people are demanding, all you need to do is to make it available to them and watch your account grow.
  • You can start now even if you are broke. This is not an offline business that requires a huge startup capital. You can get started with as low as N1,500 and be on your way to the success of making thousands of naira monthly.
  • Your job is safe. You have nothing to worry about if you must keep your full-time job and still use this as a supplementary source of income. All you need to do is to dedicate few hours of work and get back to your daily routine.
  • Be your own boss: I’ve always wanted this too. I don’t like the pressure of having to wake up every morning and be compelled to report to a boss in a firm or organization. I believe you feel the same way. Now you can choose when you want to work and when you want to catch some fun and watch Tv.
  • All you need is, A Phone or A computer or a tablet, internet conection, an email, and finally a Bank Account, (this is where all your earnings would be sent to)

You Can Also See For Your Self The Kind Of Money I Make Online From Affiliate Marketing……..

See The Screen Shots Of Deposits Of My Affiliate Commissions To My GTBANK Account!

This Is My Bank Details So That You Can Confirm It For Your self

Bank Name: GTBank
Account Name: Iyere Paul Akhuomo
Account Number:0226059434


Another N20,500 in a day, you can confirm the Account Number and the Account Name below

N129,000 gotten in just one day. You can also confirm the account details like my Account Name and Account Number

N283,000 paid into my bank account in just 2 days. You can confirm My Bank Name and Bank Account Number too below

N279,500 paid into my bank account in just 1 day. You can confirm My Bank Name and Bank Account Number too below

N1,930,000 paid into my bank account this December from five different Affiliate Programs That I work with. You can confirm My Bank Account Number too below. and also you can do some calculations too.

I’ll Stop Here For Now Because Of Space

I am not showing you all these evidences just to intimidate you. Not at all! We are not here for that. The major reason why we are here is to teach you step by step how to achieve greater or similar success with Affiliate Marketing business.
If you want to be doing something online that will bring in a lot of money to your bank account…Here is the sure type of business you can do that no one is telling you about. You too can start your own Affiliate Marketing business and make lots of money from it daily like I do.

For you to be able to start making money with Affiliate Marketing like I do, I have therefore made available for you a detailed, comprehensive and easy to understand step by step training guides on how you can make thousands monthly by simply promoting products and services for other companies on the internet.
If you follow all my instructions in this training package, you will start getting credit alert from your bank like mine above.



I will teach you all you need to know about Affiliate Marketing and also you would start making money like me after you have gone through my Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Make N100,000……… N200,000……. N300,000 ……. Or even more with this proven Affiliate Marketing technique!

I have made hundreds of thousands of naira in the past few years, and till now I am still making money online just by practicing this affiliate marketing technique that is not known by most people.

And now in my 65-page e-book, “THE AFFILLIATE MARKETING GUIDE”, I give you a step by step guide on how to become successful and make more money as an Affiliate Marketer.

This e-book will save you months and even years of research, trials and errors.

In the pages of this ebook you will discover:

  • How to access Affiliate Marketing products online
  • How you can start your Affiliate Marketing.
  • Requirements for starting Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.
  • Ever green products in Affiliate Marketing. (by these, I mean products that would earn you six figures monthly)
  • How to choose the best products to promote.
  • You would also learn how I promote affiliate products through social media
  • How to withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account
  • And so much more….

For only N1,500

Why you need this e-book……. The Affiliate Marketing Guide

  • Succeed before others. You can use Google to get information online. But that will take you weeks, months, or even years of research, trials and errors to make it. With this e-book in your hands, commitment is your only barrier. What I’m saying here is that when you get this e-book, you have my 4years Affiliate Marketing experience in your hands.
  • Most information you get online may not be applicable to Nigerians. This e-book is written by me, who is a Nigerian, and this e-book is meant for Nigerians. All the techniques have been used and confirmed here in  Nigeria. They are 100% real and on point. They all work.
  • Avoid failures. Here in this e-book, I’ve put together my experience to help you avoid failure and fast track your journey to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer
  • You can start making money this month after purchasing my e-book.
    I have done all the research, I have taken all the risk for you, you won’t have to go through any trial and error before you start seeing good results in this business opportunity.
    Since I have put together everything I know about this business, you would be able to start earning money this very month in a stress free way. I have done almost all the work for you, because you have all of my experience at your very disposal.

I Have Trained A Lot Of Lucky Nigerians On What I Do To Make Money Online Through This E-book And So Many Others Have Bought This Training E-book. You Better Join Us Now… It’s very real.

You Can Check Out Some Testimonials From Some Of My Students

This Right Here is a Dream Job! No Gimmicks!

Would you pay me N20,000 to help you make N150,000?

I have made several mistakes and spent thousands of Naira to get to this point. But you won’t have to pay N10,000… N20,000, N30,000 to master the techniques in my e-book, The Affiliate Marketing Guide.

That’s because its available to you now as a downloadable e-book for a small price of N1,500 only.

But if the techniques in my e-book does not work for you, you can ask for a refund of your money and still keep the e-book……

Thanks to …….
……My 100% 30 days Money back Guarantee

Your satisfaction with this Affiliate Marketing Guide is guaranteed. That’s right.

If for any reason – or for no reason at all – you’re not 100% satisfied with my Affiliate Marketing Guide, just let me know within 30days of purchase. I’ll refund your N1,500 to you immediately. No questions asked!

And you can still keep the e-book. This way, you risk nothing.

Also you get my 24/7 support…..

As soon as you start to practice my techniques in my Guide, call me on the phone whenever you get stuck or require additional information. I’ll be glad to help you.

I have taught about 2,000 Nigerians and I’m sure this guide will help you.

So what are you waiting for?

You can get your copy by bank deposit

Step 1
Pay in the sum of N1,500 into the following account:

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)
Account Name: Iyere Paul Akhuomo
Account Number: 0226059434

Step 2
Send your Payment details to 09029934659 via SMS or WhatsApp in the following format…..

Affiliate Marketing guide
Your Name
Your email
Your phone number

For example:

Affiliate Marketing Guide
Iyere Paul Akhuomo

Step 3:

Wait for your package after confirmation…
You’ll receive your copy of the Affiliate Marketing Guide in the email address you provided, or through your mobile number on WhatsApp that’s if you contacted me through WhatsApp.

Online transfer……..

You can also transfer your N1,500 through ATM, or your mobile phone to my GTBank Account provided above.

After the transfer, send me your bank name and the rest of your details like your Name, email, phone Number.

If for any reason you want to use someone else’s Account to carry out the online transfer, please give me a call on (09029934659) before you do so. This way I’ll be able to send the package to your own email address.

If you want to contact me you can call me or text me on WhatsApp on 09029934659 for more enquires.

To Your Online Success,
Paul A. Iyere

Frequently Asked Questions

Q? How do I get my e-book after making payment?
your e-book  would be delivered to your email, or directly as a file message to you on WhatsApp (that is if you’re on WhatsApp with your phone number)

Q? How long does it take to get my e-book after payment?
A. Your e-book would be delivered to you within 10 minutes after confirmation of your payment

Q? How do I access the information in the e-book?
You can download the guide and go through it from your phones, computer, tablet or a café.

Q? Paul, can I get further help from you incase I need to contact you for any reason after ordering the e-book?
Yes, by ordering this e-book, you are entitled to free consulting by email and phone (WhatsApp, Calls or SMS)

Q? Paul do I need to make any other payment to you after purchasing my e-book?
No you do not need to make any other payment. You are to make only one payment and that is N1,500 only.

Q? How can I buy this e-book if I don’t want to go to the bank?
You can buy this e-book using ATM transfer, online  transfer, USSD transfer. That way there would be no need to go to the bank.

Q? Paul, how much does an Affiliate program pay minimally?
Affiliate programs can pay between N10,000 to N20,000 weekly.

Q? How long does it take to withdraw my Affiliate commissions directly to my bank account?
A. Once you have made a request to withdraw your Affiliate Earnings, your Money would be sent directly to your Bank Account within 24 hours.


My name is Iyere Paul Akhuomo, and I’ve been in the internet business world for over 4 years. I research, learn, and practice about legitimate online businesses.

I’ve been through several trials and errors but lately, it’s success, success and more success. I’ve tried various forms of internet businesses ranging from mini importation to information marketing, network marketing, freelancing, digital Marketing and now Affiliate Marketing.

I am the owner of which is a digital marketing website.

Because of my vast knowledge in Affiliate Marketing, I’ve been nicknamed “Affiliate Boss”

One of my aims in life is to be able to make anyone I come in contact with better than I met them. This is why I’ve been able to influence over 2000 Nigerians, through seminars, and webinars.